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Claritech Training Consultancy (CTC), T/A Claritech Institute (CI) is an academic center that has been created to capture, organize and transfer technical, health and social services, hospitality, tourism and business practice knowledge to project stakeholders in order to help organizations excel in today’s rapidly changing business environment.


CI offers comprehensive, cost effective, competitive global products and services to help individuals to successfully improve and develop their competence such as:

Short & Long Courses • Depending on the course the duration may vary.
Workplace Trainings • Training in different occupational qualifications.
Workshops & Seminars • Host educational workshops on workplace activities.
Research Development • Assist in coillecting research material.
Consultancy Services • Consult us on various business and work topics.


VISION • CI exists to be a reputable, marketable, and credible educational training provider.
MISSION • To continuously provide high quality engineering, project and business management products.
PRIORITY • Enhanced the level of competence to both the trainers and learners.


Claritech Institute is registered with the Botswana Qualification Authority (BQA) as Educational Training Providers (ETP) No.0088 for Technical and Vocational Education. We are also registered with:

1. PPADB Under Code:
  • 144 Training services sub code: 01 Human Resource.
  • 145 Safety Health and Environment Services.
  • 311 Project Management Services sub code: 01

2. Botswana Institution of Engineers (BIE):
  • Reference No. CLA0087BIE with 2 CPD points.
  • Reference No. CLA00128BIE with 3 CPD points

Sinkshaft Training 10 September 2023

Our Programs

Safety, Health and Environment

Level 3 - 20 Hours

Quality Management

Level 3 - 30 Hrs

Project Management

Level 3 - 30 Hrs

Basic First Aid

Level 3 - 20 Hrs


Level 3 - 20 Hrs

Textile Management

Level 3 - 40 Hrs

Scaffolding Erection, Dismantling And Inspection

Level 3 - 20 Hrs

Customer Service

Level 3 - 30 Hrs

Practical Accounting 1 - Costing

Level 3 - 20 Hrs


Practical Accounting 2 - Bookkeeping

Level 3 - 20 Hrs


Business Software - Ms Excel

Level 3 - 20 Hrs


Business Software - Pastel

Level 3 - 20 Hrs




Our Team

We embody the belief that the future belongs to those who believe in the power of education. We empower individuals to unlock their potential and seize every opportunity to learn, ensuring technical and vocational excellence. All this is made possible by our brilliant team.

Angela Urio

Managing Director

Christine M.


Mike Reiln



Senior Tutor